Call me a Dreamer…

Creative Cart Co Party Hire Christchurch

I’m really obsessed at making things look visually pleasing on the eye. Maybe this transpired from my upbringing in the beauty and entertainment industry? Maybe this is why I felt most connected to my purpose when I worked as a makeup artist, and at peace when I’m designing and planning beautiful concepts? I love the talent of an artist, but I can’t draw. I do like putting together a fancy platter, but I couldn’t be a chef. I do alright on a balloon garland, so I’m not completely talentless, and I do have a knack of throwing a good party – so I figured I could be pretty crafty in the cart business. I also am quite happy whilst doing anything that involves cake and champagne as that generally means a good time. So where did the Creative Cart Co. come from you ask?

After planning our wedding in 2019, although the local suppliers I used were fantastic, I felt that I didn’t have time on my side to be as creative as I would have liked to be. Those grown-up responsibilities getting in the way again!

One vivid memory that stood out was my big idea for a dessert table. The photo I found from Pinterest was beautiful, bold, a rose gold masterpiece, but my cake display didn’t really transpire as I envisioned. Looking back there were a lot of pieces of the puzzle that had to fit to make the idea work. I had to find a beautiful table, a back drop, cake displays to theme and have someone to assemble my vision as per the photograph. This takes effort, time and money sourcing these from multiple suppliers. It stuck in my mind to make this an easier process for other budding brides.

There’s always a new trend to keep up with and, as a host, I always try to bring through some of those concepts to a party. I also like to make sure I provide some sort of backdrop for the perfect selfie, as it always guarantees some light entertainment. A cart would be the perfect blank canvas for my ideas.

I thrive off others energy when they are having fun! This dream was built playfully, yet precisely to be of service to someone that’s creating an unforgettable event. Therefore, I challenge you, if you took away all those adult responsibilities and approached your dreams with childlike intention, what would make you happy?